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motor timing

What is motor timing Quadcopters?

Motor timing may be very important to motor efficiency, reliably, torque and rpm for best quadcopter.

There are coils and magnets in a brushless motor. As a way to make the motor spin, we run electrical modern thru the coil on the way to create magnetic pressure and appeal to the magnet.

Every time we fee and discharge the coil, induction takes place. It way whilst we provide the coil modern, it’s going to take time to build up the magnetic subject and reach perfect stage, when we stop providing current, it’s going to additionally take time for the magnetic area to decrease and sooner or later disappear completely.

The aim of motor timing is to begin switching the motor coil early, so we’ve the magnetic field ready at the proper time.

As rcbenchmark suggests in his video, there are unique outcomes when you start charging the coil at extraordinary time. In case you fireplace the coil in advance while it’s nonetheless similarly away from the magnet, it’s going to increase the motor’s rpm (kv) however lessen the torque. However while you fire the coil overdue when it’s without a doubt close to the magnet, then you may increase the motor’s torque, but lessen rpm (kv).

Motor timing depends on induction a lot, and induction additionally depends on many elements inclusive of the hundreds (modern), coil resistance, coil number of turns and so on. Exceptional motor may have one-of-a-kind induction time, and therefore require special timing.

In some esc’s there are “car-timing” which detects and decides for you what motor timing to use (along with kiss esc). While in blheli, the consumer has to pick a motor timing (default is medium). Presently, there’s no conclusive information that indicates whether auto-timing or fixed-timing is better.

What makes esc run quicker

gate drivers
quicker mcu
better fet’s

Manual on a way to pick out esc.

What are the advantages/disadvantage of high motor timing?

+ better motor timing prevents motor desyncs
+ slightly better thrust

– much less efficient, greater loss in heat as coils are switching faster (coil has resistance), therefore your motor may even warmth up greater
Why “excessive kv motors commonly works higher with medium-excessive timing in blheli” in the beyond?

To begin with, i’ve visible guides on line that advise motor timing is simply related to how many poles or magnets there are inside the motor. This isn’t always genuine.

As cautioned with the aid of quadmcfly, majority of the contemporary generation cars must be exceptional with “medium” motor timing (or ought to be an awesome starting point), due to the fact

more potent n52 magnets, which makes lower back emf detection in advance and easier
terrific low resistance motor wildings

What timing am i going to apply?

On account that there’s no “one for all” answer, i assume the only manner is to try unique timing your self, and notice which one works excellent for you. Even higher, if you personal a thrust stand, run a few tests through all throttle degree and notice what motor timing gives you the satisfactory overall performance.

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